Special Hair Extension Storage Bag

Exclusively at ExtensionPointCom, the Special Hair Extension Storage Bag lets you store and maintain your clip-in hair extensions easily and professionally.

Product Details:

Height: 60cm
Fastener: Satin ribbon
Mounting Fixtures: 2 suction cups, 1 hook
Hair Extension Hangers: 8
2 Free Hanging Methods: 2 hooks and 4 suction cups to hang it anywhere!

£ 17

£ 20

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Not sure where to store your clip extensions so that stay good as new?

Exclusively in France, Extensionpointcom is the only boutique that offers you an
organizing case for your clip extensions. This lets organize your clip extensions
and also color and brush them with ease.

The suction cups on the Hair Bag let you mount your special hair extension
organizer on any clean and smooth surface, like tiles or a mirror or even a
clothes hanger or shower curtain rod with the hooks.

With the Hair Bag secured on a door, shower curtain rod, mirror, or tiling, you
now have your two hands free to brush, straighten, and color your extensions
and easily keep them good as new.

The Hair Bag is a waterproof and heat-resistant.
Simply fold it and it’s ready to be easily stored! It folds easily and smoothly to
seamlessly fit in your purse, medicine cabinet, suitcase, or even your glove box.

The Hair Bag is essential for hair extensions that last longer and better !


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