Mochachino Brown Ponytail Extension

Product: Ponytail
Color: Light Brown
Length: 50cm
Weight: 100g
Quality: 100% natural Remy human hair

Maintenance: Shampoo and hair extension mask
EPC Advice: Dry shampoo of choice (dry shampoo damages extensions much less)
Delivery within 24-48 hours
15-day money-back guarantee.

£ 101

£ 120

More info

Discover the light brown ponytail from our collection of our natural Remy-quality human hair ponytail extensions.

We have chosen high-quality Indian hair for our ponytail extensions so that they can undergo the same treatment as your own hair.

You can style them however you want: straightened, curled, colored, tied up in a bun, etc.
For any questions about our hair extensions, chat with us online now!

EPC Advice

The ponytail extension is easy to apply thanks to velcro attachment. For more information on how to apply the extension, watch the video on our YouTube channel:


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