Ash Blonde Clip-in Extensions

Color: Honey Blonde

Type: 100% natural Remy human hair

Quality: High quality, smooth and silky

Texture: Straight hair

£ 39

£ 46

Available in 70g, 100g, 120g, 160g, 200g, 220g. Select the length to get the volume choice.

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Explore our selection of clip-in hair extensions for a perfect, manicured look in no time!

Is there a slight color difference between your hair and your extensions? You can color your hair extensions to match the color of your hair or keep the color contrast for a highlight effect.

Questions about which color to choose? Chat with us online now!

Clip-in Extensions Guide

Our hair extensions are made exclusively from natural, Remy-quality hair from India. Application is a breeze and they blend in seamlessly with your own hair.

Application Tips

Our natural hair extensions can be cared for as you would your own hair, along with specialized hair care products to keep them in good condition.

Learn more by checking out our hair extension application video on our YouTube channel:


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