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Do you want to try a new hairstyle without waiting months for your hair to grow? You can with natural hair extensions!

If you're reading this, I’m guessing you've already seen a few things on our site or on our competitors’ sites (not ok!) and you've been able to see that there's quite a large selection of extensions to choose from!

We won't discuss here the quality differences among hair extensions on the market or how it's crucial to use 100% natural hair extensions. If you want to know more you can read our article on this subject.

So there are keratin extensions, clip-in extension, i-tip extensions, loop extensions, tape-in extensions, weaves, one-piece extensions - but are they and how do you choose? We’re here to clear things up for you.

A comparison chart is available at the bottom of the page.

The Different Extension Types

Clip-in Extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions are definitely the most well-known. They're practical and easy to install. This is an excellent option if you don't want to commit to long-term hair extensions. This application method is ideal for occasions or special events. These extensions are also used between keratin extension installations to let the hair rest.

Equipped with simple plastic clips, clip-in extensions can be applied to your with a quick press of the clips. They can also be removed easily.

Extension à clip cheveux naturels

Prix : €€

The cost of clip-in extensions depends on length, volume, and color.


  • Very easy to apply and remove yourself.
  • Change colors easily and regularly.
  • Cost-effective since professional application is not required.

Application Tip: Applying clip-in extensions is easy thanks to the simple clip method. To learn more about how to apply clip-in extensions, watch the video on our YouTube channel for help:

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Keratin Extensions:

Keratin hair extensions require professional hot fusion application. The Italian keratin applied to the ends of the extensions is heated and melts for secure application and a 100% natural appearance.

There are two types of end fixtures: “nail-type” or “u-type” ends which are slightly rounded and “flat-type” ends which are flat at the ends. The installation process is the same for both and the choice of one or the other depends on your preferences.

Applying keratin hair extensions requires a hot fusion connector. It is recommended you have this done by a professional stylist

Extensions kératine

Prix : €€€€

The cost of keratin hair extensions depends on length, volume, and color and also the cost of professional installation.


  • Long-lasting application: the keratin adheres the extensions to your own hair
  • Add volume by adding more keratin extensions

Maintenance Tip: Once the extensions are in place, avoid using oil-based products that could compromise the keratin.

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Loop Extensions:

Loop extensions refer to a semi-permanent application method with cold fusion that ensure a long lifespan for your extensions (4 to 6 months according to your hair growth). Loop extensions are set in place with a ring and a small loop that pose no risk to your hair. The extensions are secured to the root of your hair for seamless integration.

Pliers are recommended for applying loop extensions and also for removing them.

Extensions loop

Prix : €€€€

The cost of loop extensions depends on the number of sections and on the price of your hairstylist. It is strongly recommended that you have a professional install loop extensions.


  • Fast installation - 60 minutes or less.
  • Silicone ring for gentle attachment to your hair
  • No heat fusion, glue, or keratin
  • Resilient and durable - lasting up to 6 months

Maintenance Tip: To maintain the quality of your extensions, we suggest you use hair products specifically for hair extensions.

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I-Tip Extensions:

I-tip extensions refer to an installation method that is becoming more and more popular.

I-tip extensions are ready to use and easy to put into place in your hair. Your hair is placed into cylindrical microbeads and clamped with a special tool.

Extensions I-Tip

Prix : €€€€€

The cost of i-tip hair extensions depends on the brand, number of sections, the your hairstylist’s rate fpr installation.


  • No heat or glue required for installation and with a hold lasting up to 6 months.
  • I-tip extensions are reusable and can be reapplied in case of slippage.

Maintenance Tip: Avoid using oil- or silicone-based products near the loop attachments.

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Tape-in Extensions:

Adhesive or tape-in extensions: your hair is divided into flat sections and double-sided adhesive strips adhere the extensions on either side. No heat or harmful chemicals, these extensions can be applied in less than 30 minutes.

A major innovation in the world of hairstyling, this method allows for quick and long-lasting installation.

Extensions adhésives

Prix : €€€

The cost of tape-in extensions is higher than other types of extensions. The cost can vary depending on the type of hair and if you choose to have a professional install the extensions.


  • Very fast installation - between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the length of your hair.
  • No tools required for installation.
  • Seamless integration and very comfortable.
  • Suitable for very thin hair.
  • No damage to your hair.
  • Cost-effective and economical: reusable and lasts over a year.

Maintenance Tips:

  • It is recommended that you adjust the section every 6 to 8 weeks and use appropriate hair products.
  • Avoid using any silicone- or oil-based products at the root of your hair.
  • Brush every day from root to tip.

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One-Piece Extensions:

One-piece hair extensions are a type of clip-in extensions that are easy and ready to apply. They are perfect for seamlessly adding length and volume with ease. Unlike the other clip-in extension kits above that include different sections of different sizes for application to different parts of the head, one-piece extensions add volume in any easy way with just a single piece.

Extensions monobande

Prix : €€€


  • Perfect for adding natural volume to your hair.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Professional assistance not required for installation.

Maintenance Tips: To preserve the quality of your extensions, we recommend you use specialized products on your hair extensions. You should also remove your clip-in extensions before sleeping.

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Natural Weaves:

Weaves are sew-in hair extensions that are perfect for thick or curly hair. Your hair is braided to provide a secure point of attachment for the extensions, then the hair extensions are sewn into the braides with a needle and special thread. This installation method is very popular in African hairdressing.


Prix : €€€

Weaves by themselves are less costly than other types of hair extensions. The cost is largely dependent on the rate charged by your hairstylist.


  • Oil- and silicone-based products can be used on the scalp since slippage will not occur as long as the braids are securely in place.
  • Especially suitable for thick hair.
  • No heat required for installation.
  • Reusable for more than 12 months.

Maintenance Tip: Wash your hair regularly and avoid hairstyles that could loosen the braids. Maintain the weave as you would your own hair.

ExtensionPointCom also has special accessories to add to your hairstyle including natural clip-in bangs and ponytails. These extensions are also made with 100% natural, Remy-quality hair. Our accessories are available in several colors.

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Bangs and Ponytails:

Besides hair extensions, there are accessories that can help you change your hairstyle for an evening including bangs and ponytails.

Natural clip-in bangs:

Natural clip-in bangs are perfect for changing your hairstyle in no time and without cutting your hair. They can be applied easily with non-slip clips. You can apply them yourself without the help of a professional stylist.

Frange naturel

Prix : €

The cost depends on product quality.


  • Completely natural appearance.
  • Suitable for all hair types: long, short, or curly hair.
  • Available in several colors.
  • Easy to maintain.

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Natural Ponytail Extensions:

Natural ponytail extensions are a vital accessory for perfect, manicured hairstyle for a special occasion.

No need for heat, glue, or keratin, ponytail extensions are very easy to apply. They are secured with solid velcro and can be applied and removed whenever you want without the help of a professional stylist.

Queue de cheval

Prix : €€


  • Non-slip velcro gentle on hair.

Application Tip: To learn more about how to apply ponytail extensions, watch the video on our YouTube for help:

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Now you’re a pro at extensions and you’re familiar with all of our products.

To sum things up, whichever extension type and method you choose, the natural hair extensions at ExtensionPointCom will give you incomparably long, silky, and radiant hair.

As mentioned above, we recommend you always use natural hair for extensions.

You can visit our blog for more information and tips on extensions.

Keratin ExtensionsI-Tip ExtensionsWeavesClip-in ExtensionsLoop ExtensionsTape-in Extensions
The extension ends are coated with Italian keratin (high-quality keratin). Installation of keratin extensions requires a hot fusion connector to glue each section 1 or 2 cm from the root.I-tip extensions are applied with cold fusion and are ready to use, easy to install, and semi-permanent. I-tip extensions are made of natural hair and easy to manage.Weaves are sew-in hair extensions that had length and volume to your hair. Easy to maintain, they can last up to 12 months.Clip-in extensions can be applied easily with the small metal clip attachments. They are easy to put in place and to remove.Equipped with a small loop and built-in metal ring, loop extensions are applied with cold fusion using pliers. Easy and quick to put in place.Application of tape-in extensions only takes 30 minutes. Your hair is set between 2 hypoallergenic adhesive strips attached to the sections of extensions.
Normal and thick hairNormal and thick hairAll hair typesNormal hairNormal and thick hairFlat and thin hair
Installation of keratin extensions requires a special hot fusion connector.To preserve the quality of your extensions, we advise you use specialized hair products.Natural weaves can be maintained as you would your very own hair.The use of specialized hair products is highly recommended.Special pliers are required to apply loop extensions.Tape-in extensions are compatible with an active lifestyle. You can wash with these extensions every day.
6 to 8 hours4 to 6 hours3 to 4 hours10 minutes1 hour30 minutes